We love oatmeal and are convinced that the perfect snack for athletes consists of nutrient-rich oatmeal, which at the same time provides long-lasting energy and contains a good portion of fruit - for taste, additional vitamins and quick energy supply.

SvenJack Oatmeal Collection OatBar

Our SvenJacks embody exactly that: the perfect balance between fruitilicious and oatilicious. Carefully made from oatmeal and fruit, our SvenJacks provide instant energy that accompanies you through your training, your hike or just your everyday life. In addition to the nutritional qualities of our SvenJacks, we also attach great importance to ecological sustainability. We reduce packaging to a minimum, improve production processes, shorten transport routes and make sure to use raw materials grown in Europe. SvenJacks thus combine all of our priorities: nutritionally valuable, environmentally friendly and simply delicious. With the SvenJacks we are unstoppable. Convince yourself and jack it oat!